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Great 8 2008

The News & Observer’s “Great 8” spotlights eight of the best and brightest music acts from the Raleigh Durham area. The 2008 edition featured twelve videos and eight acts including: Red Collar, Small World , Megafaun, I Was Totally Destroying It, Bowerbirds, Bull City, Scene Of The Crime Rovers, and Alina Simone.

The Trailer

Footage: Travis Long, Jason Arthurs, Rob Roberts, Juli Leonard
Editing: Travis Long

Small World

Footage: Jason Arthurs, Juli Leonard, Rob Roberts, Travis Long
Editing: Jason Arthurs

Scene of the Crime Rovers

Footage: Travis Long, Juli Leonard, Jason Arthurs
Editing: Travis Long


I Was Totally Destroying It

Footage Jason Arthurs
Editing Travis Long
Additional editing: Jason Arthurs

Footage: Jason Arthurs, Rob Roberts, Travis Long, Juli Leonard.
Still photography: Jason Arthurs
Editing: Jason Arthurs, Rob Roberts, Travis Long, Juli Leonard
Design: Tim Lee
Text: David Menconi
Production and programming: Rob Roberts

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