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The Legislature in 30 Seconds

A video montage of the North Carolina House and the Senate as they gavel in a short session.

Footage and editing: Travis Long, Ted Richardson
Music: “Possesive,” YACHT, ASCAP

Colleague Ted Richardson and I were assigned to make a video of the first day of the NC legislative session.


Sorry, I get sleepy just thinking about it. This was Ted’s first day in the new video rotation and I didn’t want him to get a bad taste in his mouth right out of the gate. We decided to keep the video short and sweet with quick cuts and some sped up clips. I focused on long sustained wide shots and Ted keyed in on details.

I called my wife and asked her to scour our iTunes playlist for a 30 second ASCAP song that was fun with lots of beats I could easlily edit to. She suggested “Possesive” by Y.A.C.H.T. and sent it to me via ftp.

We used the fit to fill function in FCP to speed up clips and match them to the beat by setting in and out points on the sequence where we wanted the clips to sync up.

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