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Triple threat: B Corps thrive in Raleigh

In bustling downtown Raleigh, a different kind of business person is rising. He or she is an entrepreneur, and while profit is a driving force, social good is too. They combine business acumen with the kind of idealism most commonly found on college campuses to form what are known as benefit corporations, or “B Corps.” Simply put, they are companies as interested in doing good as they are in making money.

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  1. Ross Spears says:

    Dear Travis, I apologize for the disturbance. I am working with Jamie Ross on her film about Southern Food and Southern History — called At the Common Table. We have filmed a bit with Harold and Nancy Long at their farm near Murphy, NC. As part of our filming plan, we all agreed that the end of September would be a good time to return — to film the harvest of their heirloom corn and the making of some bread. However, the phone number we have for them — 828- 837-6692 — no longer works. The county farm agents are no help either. We are wondering if you might be able to suggest how to get in touch with them? We just need to talk with them to agree on a time to film, if possible. My phone number is 240-535-3019 if you would be willing to give me a call, we would be most grateful. My email is

    By the way, your photos are great!
    Thanks, Ross Spears

  2. Jay Alberghini says:

    wish to purchase photo of waves slam Oceana Pier from hurricane Florence

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