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Solar Eclipse: Cherokee celebrate the ‘great frog’ eating the sun

(Video by Travis Long, additional video by Chuck Liddy)

Triple threat: B Corps thrive in Raleigh

In bustling downtown Raleigh, a different kind of business person is rising. He or she is an entrepreneur, and while profit is a driving force, social good is too. They combine business acumen with the kind of idealism most commonly found on college campuses to form what are known as benefit corporations, or “B Corps.” Simply put, they are companies as interested in doing good as they are in making money.

Editorial and Environmental portraits for WALTER Magazine. Read more here.


Coffee Community

WALTER magazine shoot on Raleigh’s blooming coffee culture. Read the feature here.


Raleigh’s craft breweries

Raleigh’s craft breweries for WALTER Magazine

beergridFirst row: Cary’s Fortnight Brewing Company; Raleigh’s Gizmo Brew Works; Raleigh’s Lonerider Brewing Company

Second row: Raleigh’s Sub Noir Brewing Company; Raleigh Brewing Company; Raleigh’s Natty Greene’s Pub & Brewing

Third row: Raleigh’s Trophy Brewing Co., Raleigh’s Lynnwood Grill & Brewing Concern; Raleigh’s Big Boss Brewing Company

Read more here:

Raleigh’s rad racks

City cyclists know that Raleigh has some of the coolest bike racks anywhere. Top row: spelling it out at Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar; knitted up at Raleigh Times bar; words to go at Gringo A Go Go; second row: swine at NoFo at the Pig; cranks at Crank Arm Brewing; loop-de-loops at The Borough. bottom row: honeycomb at Busy Bee Cafe; our state at the N.C. Capitol; a cow, chicken and fox at Chuck’s, Beasley’s Chicken + Honey and Fox Liquor Bar.

Technical: iPhone 5, edited in Google Snapseed.

For WALTER magazine’s Seen in Raleigh.


Blood, sweat and jeers: A portrait shoot with 9 comedians

GRID-CONCEPTI can’t remember having this much fun shooting portraits. Read about Billy Warden’s delve into the local standup comedy scene in the June/July edition of Walter

N.C. Theater shoot for Walter Magazine

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the N.C. Theater for Walter Magazine’s April 2014 cover story. Eight people in one photograph = a little planning and lots of lights!


A few wedding samples

iPhonography at the fair

The 2011 North Carolina State Fair as seen from behind the screen of an iPhone 4 using Hipstimatic.

Joyride in an F-15E

Air Force Capt. Michael Jokhy of the 333rd Fighter Squadron and News & Observer photojournalist Travis Long take you inside the cockpit of a 50 million dollar F-15E Strike Eagle based at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro, NC. The F-15E Strike Eagle is a dual-role fighter designed to perform air-to-air and air-to-ground missions.

Oh, High Tech Night…

Each Christmas, Denny Cole of Cary, N.C. spends months preparing his house with 3000 feet of wire and 17,000 lights set to music in an elaborate digital synchronized light show.

Footage and editing: Travis Long


In recognition of Bike to Work Week, I put together a stop motion of my daily 3.6 mile bicycle commute from my home in east Raleigh to The News & Observer in downtown Raleigh set to “Black Mags” by The Cool Kids.

All images were made with a Canon 5D mounted to my bicycle with a Bogen Magic Arm and triggered by an intervalometer. Ambient sound is from a shotgun mic mounted to the bicycle frame.

Footage and editing: Travis Long.
Additional footage: Vanessa Van Horn.
Music: “Black Mags” The Cool Kids.

Paperhand Puppet Intervention

From the inside of an aging gymnasium in rural Saxapahaw, NC, puppeteers breathe life into recycled materials to build giant puppets, masks, shadows and silhouettes.

Paperhand Puppet Intervention, founded a decade ago by Donovan Zimmerman and Jan Burger, is a group of puppeteers and musicians who specialize in making whimsical creatures ranging from a sun mask the size of a basketball goal to shadow puppets the size of a fingernail.

“We tend toward the fantastical,” Burger says. “But we’re inspired by the natural world and the things we see around us. … We’ll see an old guy walking down the road and I’ll say, ‘I’d love to make a mask of somebody with a face like that’.”

Footage and editing: Travis Long

Inside the Cockpit of an AT-6 Texan

Fly with News & Observer staff writer Josh Shaffer during an aerobatic demonstration of an AT-6 Texan. Its predecessor, the T-6, was used to train fighter pilots during Word War II. The flight was hosted by History Flight, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of World War II aircraft.

Footage: Travis Long, History Flight
Editing: Travis Long

Technical: Onboard flight footage recorded to VHS, dubbed to Mini DV and captured in Final Cut Pro. Ground footage and interviews: Canon XH A1.

Top Hat & The Time Machine

A stop animation of the installation of a skyscraper spire in downtown Raleigh

Footage and editing: Travis Long

This morning Shawn Rocco and I rose before dawn to photograph a high rise being adorned with a new top hat, a 60 foot 11,000 pound steel spire. The 33-story RBC Plaza is now the tallest building in Raleigh.

For this assignment I attempted my first time-lapse using my still camera mounted on a tripod and a handy little intervalometer gadget called the Time Machine.

With its LCD display, giant buttons and beigeware aesthetics, the Time Machine appears as though it ripped through the time continuum straight from 1988. I won’t bore you with all its geeky functions, (check out the website for all the nitty gritty) but I can think of a half dozen quick little projects you could do with this thing.

I set up Time Machine to shoot 1 second intervals and and let it rip for 650 plus exposures and zoomed and changed lenses to add a little visual variety. I used Quicktime Pro to export a sequence of all the photos as an .mov file. I collected a few minutes of ambient sound at the base of the building which I combined with the .mov in Final Cut Pro. I toned the entire sequence with 3-way color correction in FCP rather than using a Photoshop action to add conistent contrast to the images more efficiently.

Total post production time? Let’s just say it took me longer to write this post.

Relocating a Hive

Tree experts and beekeepers relocate a bee colony containing more than 50,000 honey bees from an oak tree more than 100-years-old.

Footage and editing: Travis Long

Hogway Speedway

Pig, duck and goat racing at the North Carolina State Fair. Need I say more?

Carrboro Wiener Dog Day

Carrboro (NC) Wiener Dog Day draws together hundreds of eccentric dachshunds and their owners annually.

Footage and editing: Travis Long

No Ordinary Day

“No Ordinary Day” is a visual diary of the events, both large and small, that serve as milestones in people’s lives. The black and white photo column was published weekly in The News & Observer from 2003 to 2007 and was shared by colleague Takaaki Iwabu and myself. It was a celebration of the struggles, triumphs and tears we experience as we travel from birth to death. Our goal was to document moments in time that might otherwise have been missed; sometimes it’s the tiniest incident in one’s life that has the most profound effect.

From the Archives

A few old favorites and diptychs.

The Things They Left Behind

We’ll never fully know what the victims of Katrina lost. Six months ago, the storm tore apart houses, uprooted trees and shredded metal that still creaks in the wind. But it also shredded lives, strewing the personal effects of thousands of lifetimes across the Gulf Coast. A child’s photograph nailed to the wall of an empty New Orleans apartment. On the ground in Mississippi, the driver’s license of a man who drowned trying to ride out the storm. In a yard filled with debris, a bicycle twisted almost beyond recognition. Each artifact meant something to someone. Now these things have weathered the elements for months, caked in mud, becoming just more trash to shove into piles and haul away. Many can’t be traced to their owners. Most will never be claimed, but each one has a story.

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Light paintings of tobacco barns in Cameron, NC. A New York artists’ collective made pilgrimages to Cameron for years to paint the barns.

Technical: Photographs were lit with halogen lights using long exposures.