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Hurricane Irma devastates parts of Florida’s Gulf Coast and Keys

Hurricane Irma made landfall Category 3 storm causing wind damage and flooding.

The Things They Left Behind

We’ll never fully know what the victims of Katrina lost. Six months ago, the storm tore apart houses, uprooted trees and shredded metal that still creaks in the wind. But it also shredded lives, strewing the personal effects of thousands of lifetimes across the Gulf Coast. A child’s photograph nailed to the wall of an empty New Orleans apartment. On the ground in Mississippi, the driver’s license of a man who drowned trying to ride out the storm. In a yard filled with debris, a bicycle twisted almost beyond recognition. Each artifact meant something to someone. Now these things have weathered the elements for months, caked in mud, becoming just more trash to shove into piles and haul away. Many can’t be traced to their owners. Most will never be claimed, but each one has a story.

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